Dr-BEAUTY/May 2023 issue.

[HydraFacial SYNDEO™ Flagship Device]
#Unmatched Charm


Confidence Shines! HydraFacial Showcasing the Unparalleled Charm of SYNDEO™ Flagship Device.



HydraFacial has recently launched its flagship device, SYNDEO, which boasts a more stylish design and delivers an incredibly luxurious skincare experience. With new upgrade, HydraFacial SYNDEO has sparked tremendously curiosity in people.

What sets HydraFacial SYNDEO apart? Medical Aesthetics & Fashion has collected several Q&A topics that everyone wants to know, and we have invited three professional doctors to provide expert consultations. If you want to further acquaint yourself with HydraFacial SYNDEO, you definitely shouldn't miss this article!


「Get the best skin of your life — HydraFacial」

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