Digital News/October 2023

The Prominent American Skincare Brand Showcase Center Opening in Taiwan


In late September, the American skincare leader”HydraFacial”, officially launched its first “ HydraFacial Showcase Center” in Taiwan. Anson Huang, the General Manager of BP Biotechnology, the exclusive distributor of HydraFacial in Taiwan, stated that since its founding, the skincare brand has been introduced in 96 countries, collaborated with over 50 overseas agents, and provided the HydraFacial skincare system to more than 12,700 skincare facilities, with over 250 million people worldwide experiencing HydraFacial skincare technology.

 The opening of HydraFacial showcase center in Taiwan not only symbolizes the beauty industry's technological transformation but also aims to create an unprecedented “Personalized Skincare Journey.” It aims to provide the public with a more convenient, precise, and efficient intelligent skincare method, catering to the skincare experiences and maintenance needs of various groups through technology skincare. 

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