Dr-BEAUTY/May 2023 issue.

15 seconds to find all your skin problems!
#Meicet #MC88 Skin Analyzer

Just like a skin scanner, problems reveal in seconds.

As we age, our skin undergoes various changes; it affects the appearance and overall health. From fine lines and wrinkles to sensitivity and discoloration, our skin is constantly exposed by environmental stressors and cause skin damage.

▲ 15 clear diagnostic images can help medical professional to diagnose more easily. 

Skin analyzer helps skincare be more effective and efficient. (▶click here to read more)

It’s versatile and helpful assistant

The MC88 Skin Analyzer only requires a tablet for connection, allowing you to access customer information instantly after capturing images. Additionally, it comes with a facial skin test pen for measuring moisture, oiliness, and elasticity and more information.

The MC88 Skin Analyzer is equipped with a facial skin test pen.

「See Your Change —— 看見你的改變」

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